Thursday, April 07, 2011

It is not fair at all

Recently, there was a story of a house owner who was slapped with a fine of $3K by the electric company for stealing electricity. Unfortunately for him, he does not do it. It is his tenant who did it. His tenant is an employee of the electric company so he knows the dirty trick to steal electricity. The owner who had to pay the outstanding electricity bill of $5K when the tenant left the house had to fork out another $16K to repair the house before he can rent it out again. He thought that his ordeal is over until he received the fine for something that he does not do. It is just not fair at all.

I too have been cheated by my tenants before. I had to pay $2.5K for the outstanding electricity bill. It is just not fair. In situations like these, I wished that I have good Compensation Lawyers that can fight for my case. Why should I have to come out my hard earn money to pay for other people's usage? Or in the case of the house owner, why should he pay the fine when the electric company failed to take action after numerous reports being made by the house owner.It is not fair at all.

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