Sunday, April 03, 2011

A big batch of chicken salad

Guest post written by Betty Slagle

I have a really big lunch that the women in missions at church is hosting for members after church on Sunday morning. That means that I need to take at least one dish with me to it, so I've been going through some of my cookbooks looking for stuff. But when it comes to those lunches, anything that's supposed to be hot kind of gets lukewarm by the time that people actually eat it.

So I thought that for once I would actually fix something that keeps cold instead. I went online to figure something out to fix and when I was doing that I came across some info about satellite internet packages and after I read a little more info I decided to sign up for one of them for my home service.

I decided to make a big batch of homemade chicken salad to keep in the fridge during teh church service and a platter of different kinds of bread and crackers so that people can get stuff to put their chicken salad on.