Friday, December 30, 2011

Donating blood

Brought Belle to the hospital on Wed 28 Dec 2011. I wanted to donate blood and she wants to observe how it's done. After registering for the Kelas Peneman, we went to the blood bank department. Only one donor was there and it didn't take long for my turn to donate my blood. Showed Belle my Donate Blood Book and told her that I've donated 18 times and hoping to donate more in the future.

She watched the nurse inserted the need into my vein and how the blood flowed down into the bag. Thank God that she did not fainted or scream during the whole process.

Oh ya, the nurses at the Kelas Peneman registration counter and the blood bank thought that I am a Malay. They had to look at my name twice to confirm. Hahaha...the same experience every time I went to the hospital.

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