Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Proud parents

One of the best way to honor our parents is to make them proud of us. It can be in the form of our godly character, obedience and even achievements. And this Christmas, I am one of those parents who are proud of their children.

Annabelle, Clarissa and Barnabas participated in the church Christmas Service presentations. They did a sign language presentation which came out well. Furthermore, Annabelle joined the tambourine group and presented a tambourine dance (Shouts For Joy song). It was a proud moment to see my girl dance gracefully on the stage. Now I know how it felt to be a proud parent.

And I'm sure my brother Daniel and Engso Jacklyn would also be proud of their 3 daughters who performed a number of presentations on this Christmas Service. I'm waiting for the days when all my children will up there on the stage to present their dance, drama or presentations to the Lord. I'll be a proud father again then.

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