Monday, December 19, 2011

Finding freedom or Master

Scottish theologion P.T. Forsyth, "The first duty of every soul is not to find its freedom, but to choose its master."

Reminded me of the story of the kite. A boy made a kite and brought it to the beach. He let it fly and soon the kite was flying high. Every tugging by the boy made the kite fly higher and higher. Then the kite thought that it could go higher if only the string that holds it back is cut loose. The kite snap loose the string and with high anticipation and eagerness wanted to fly higher. But to its dismay, it was swayed by the wind and dive towards the ground.

Everyone of us can achieve greatness and fly higher only if we are attached to our master and do the bidding of our master. Then we can find the freedom to fly higher in the sky. To be free without our master will surely cause our downfall. Many in this world wants to be their own master without realizing that their own capability is very limited. Many in this world wants to be free. Unfortunately the very freedom that they say they have later become a bondage to them.

Choose wisely your Master for the true Master shall set you free.

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