Saturday, December 24, 2011

Running tight on budget

What have I done wrong these past few months? At the end of every month, it always seems that I have not enough money. There are always some extra expenses to pay for. There is the apartment’s toilet floor to repair. Then there is the photocopy machine that needs major repair. The water heater had to be changed. The car gear box suddenly got jammed and the repair really caused a big dent on my bank account. All these unexpected extra expenses really bite chunks of my monthly income. And I do not have much to spare either.

So for the past few months, I have been juggling my income and my expenses on a thin line. I thank God for the shop landlord who is understanding and kind enough to let me delay my rental payment. It gives me some time to juggle my income and pay the necessary bills first. The utilities bills must be paid on time or else the utilities company will cut off their supply. The staffs’ salary is also on the top priority list. I also thank God that somehow He provided enough for me to clear all my expenses though there is a need to juggle the expenses at the end of every month.

One of the things that I do not like to see every month is the credit card bills. No, my wife and I do not overspend with our credit card. In fact, if I were to check my credit report, I would get a good report. The credit cards are used to pay our house bills and our household groceries bought at the shopping market. It is just that I prefer to pay by cash instead of using credit card unless I do not have cash at hand. If you do not seem to get a hold on your finances, get your free credit score to see where you stand financially.

Then there is the end of the year holiday/festival expenses. I tried not to spend much on this type of expenses but with 5 children, it can be very difficult. Little expenses here and there equals to a big chunk out of my income. Next year would be a harder year especially when the number 6 arrives. I really must discipline myself not to spend unnecessarily on my food. Lord, bless your servant. Thanking You in advance.

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