Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'm encouraged

Our church did a drama on the birth and crucifixion of Christ for Christmas 2011. It was a good act and I felt that many hearts are touched that night. I know that I was again touched by the suffering that Christ had to go through to redeem me. But I was very surprised that one of my daughters was touched by the Lord too.

Clarissa came and told me that she cried when she watched the drama. She said that she feels sad when she say Jesus on the cross. She also said that she cried a few times when she prays to Jesus. She asked me why it happened to her. Told her that God is touching her.

Indeed it was a surprised to me that my Clarissa felt the touch of God. She is only 7 years old and a little bit mischievous. But God always works in mysterious ways and not to our presumptions. I'm encouraged that God works in my children's lives even at a young age.

Lord, continue to be with Clarissa and all the other children. Let them know you in a deeper way. And please touch all my children always. Oh ya, my wife and me too. Thank you. Amen

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