Monday, January 02, 2012

New Year resolutions

As usual, a new year brings in new resolutions. Not that I remembered what my resolutions are for 2011. Can't even remember a bit of it. Now, my new year 2012 resolutions. Hmmm... a bit hazy lah.

Ok... lets try this.

1. Be more involved in ministry. Meaning, be available to preach more, song lead more, teach more, back-up singing more and hopefully be able to mentor 1 or 2 people.

2. Finish my 2nd Degree. One more paper to go. Which normally takes me about 6 months.

3. Build up my business. This one a bit hazy coz it all depends on God's blessings.

4. Be a good and godly husband and father in my family. Hope to be able to support my wife spiritually and teach my children godly principles in life.

Ok lah.... too many nanti tak boleh buat pulak.

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