Sunday, May 04, 2008

Happy Birthday Annabelle

Annabelle is 5 years old already. Yes, time does fly very fast. At times I can't believe that it has been that long. I can still remember watching you coming out from your mother's womb into this world. You are indeed a joy to Daddy. Every time people see you they will say that you have your Daddy's look. That makes Daddy very happy. At times Daddy would look at your beautiful sweet chubby face and wonder.

But what makes Daddy happier is to see you grown to be a sweet, kind and caring sister to Clarissa and Barnabas. Daddy loves to hold you in Daddy's arm and to receive your blessings and kisses. It is indeed a joy to be your Daddy. You are indeed God's wonderful blessing to Daddy. Thank you and please remember that Daddy loves you very much.

Happy Birthday Dear Annabelle.

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