Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Can money do wonders?


SIL came this morning to talk to M. She had this "good" idea of helping M solve the problem that we faced. She already asked her boss (she's working in a kindergarten) about enrolling the two girls with a discounted fee. Besides that there are other things that she talked about.

After listening to M, I guess the main issue involved is the hurtful words said by MIL. And instead of focusing on that, they are focusing or trying to settle other things. Putting the bandage on healthy skin instead of on the wound. Furthermore, because MIL said that in front of M's cousin, who in turn told her mom, who in turn told her sister, who in turn called my SIL and scolded SIL for not taking good care of MIL, things get worse. Cousin's auntie also compare her children with MIL's children, saying that they didn't give any burden to their mother. Words.. words... words.... the tongue can give life and brings death. Words uttered in anger, in impatience, without careful thoughts brings chaos and hurts.

Maybe MIL, FIL, SILs think that M and I are rich and can afford to employ maid to look after MIL. Come on lah... business has been slow the past 2 weeks, plans have changed, and we are still moneyless as before. M's apartment has yet to be rented out (thanks to the tenant who moved out before the expiration of the tenancy) and she has to pay the monthly installment.

While crying and sadness in heart, M told me, "You know, sometimes Money can do wonders". Didn't say anything back to her. Totally agree with her.
What can I say.... yes dear, sometimes Money can do wonders. Everybody hope to have enough or more money. There's nothing wrong to have lots of money. The restriction given in the Bible is whether we live to serve Money or God.

Lord, sometimes we do hope that You'll bless us with more money so that others won't look down on us. But Lord, in any situation our hope and trust is still with You. Our hearts' desire is to serve You, O Lord.

M is now with the children. Holy Spirit, please comfort her and grant her God's perspective. May she draw strength from you O Lord.

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