Saturday, December 23, 2006


Read the book of Ruth today. Wonderful story about loyalty and how God took care of people in need. Also its a story about commitment and compassion of one girl towards her mother-in-law. A girl willing to forgo possible good future with her own people to be with her mother-in-law who has nothing left but trials, sufferings and uncertainties.

This is also a good example of good relationship of mother and daughter-in-law. Nowadays we always hear about the conflicts between a girl and her MIL. Ruth and Naomi might have formed a deep and close relationship while Ruth is with her husband.

The story of Ruth is indeed a good story to be made into a film. Many good characters that can be portrayed through this story.

At the end of the story... it was acknowledge that Ruth was a woman of noble character and through her many great man came into history.

Oh ya... this is not just a story but real event that happened long time ago in Israel.

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