Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas celebration

this year Christmas takes a new meaning. Not to be celebrated in church with Christians but with family members especially being with Mom. Went up to Shah Alam to Bro Chuan's place. The others brothers will also meet there. Reached there at 12.15noon, just about time for lunch - steamboat. Bro Chai arrived earlier. Bro Ann came at about 2pm while Bro Andrew came at 6.30pm. Nice to see Mom there. She seems and looks better, healthier than the last time I saw her in Selayang Hospital. Though she didn't walk much throughout the day, she talked and seems happy to see most of her children and grandchildren there.

Glad I made the decision to close the shop and travelled up to meet her. Evening time, the children had their gift-exchange and after dinner (which is also steamboat, plus spaghetti). The children enjoyed it very much. The parents too. Good to catch up with one another. Bro Ann, Chai, Luke showing off their cameras, while Bro Andrew with his videocam. By 9pm, we took family photos and thereafter travelled back home. Reached home at 11.05pm.

Next family gathering will most probably be during CNY.

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