Thursday, December 28, 2006

Time does heal?

FIL came by this morning. Brought 2 pack of titbits for the 2 girls. I was carrying Barnabas, greeted him. He went to the front where the girls are. M was at the back preparing lunch. After playing a while with the 2 girls, FIL went to the back, to talk to M. As usual, there's reasons given on behalf of MIL for having uttered those hurtful words the other day. Heard M crying while saying, "... gua pun ada perasaan(I also have feelings).." They continued "talking" for a few more minutes before FIL left. *sigh*

It seems that they didn't get it in the right perspective. Why send FIL to pujuk M when MIL is the one who uttered the words. MIL must/should be the one who come and apologize/merujuk back to M. Don't send SIL or FIL because that's not the proper way. Wonder when they'll get it, wonder whether MIL will come to M to apologize. Now don't get the impression that MIL is a bad woman. No... she's one of the nicest woman that I've met and I'm glad that she is my MIL. But people do make mistakes and this is one of her mistakes.

As for me..... I'm just leaving it to M and her family to settle this matter. If things does not get better, then only will I come in. Just hope that they'll be able to settle it among themselves soon.


mama bok said...

Hey.. David,
Your support towards M is very crucial at this difficult time. She needs your love.. your unconditional support.. and she needs to hear from you .. that you will be on her side.. ;) i would .. if i were in her position. M is a very special person.. her strength.. her geniune concern.. and her love for you and 3 children.. and all around her.. even insignificant blogger like me she cares.. ;) makes me realised .. how good and kind-hearted she is.. not only to her own.. but to others to. As for the outlaws.. i sincerely pray that things will only get better.. and business will pick up too. It's not easy .. being the wife of a business owner.. i know first-hand. Trust me.. the worries we go thru'.. is immensely mentally taxing .. ! take care. .and good luck..David..!

David Bong said...

mama bok >-- thanks for the reminder. I do support M 100%. She has been a wonderful wife to me... the greatest wife in this world.

do hope that your business will prosper and expand too. God bless you all.