Wednesday, December 27, 2006

MIL is tired

Received an sms from M asking me to call her. Call her and she is crying on the phone. In her sobbing she told me that her mom, MIL does not want to take care of the children anymore. MIL asked M to look for other baby-sitter to take care of Barnabas. It seems that Barnabas cried throughout the day wanting to be carried. And that cause MIL to be tired, tired physically carrying him, tired mentally & emotionally looking after the children. And MIL has been mentioning this a few times already. M asked me to look for a someone who can babysit the children. Wah... another "challenge" to face.

The first thing that came to my mind is that probably M's sister has been "hasuting" my MIL. Many times in the past, events occured when M's sister is around the house. Right now I am empty of patience with them. Really don't want to be involved in any matter (if possible) with them. Tried my best not to be there at MIL's house... be it for lunch or any matter. Sometimes... after many times you hear "negative" remarks made about you/family... you just got fed up... just don't want to be around these people. Well... hopefully that in this instance M's sister is not the cause.

M and the children came to the shop after that. She has not bathed, the children have not bathed either. And they have not eaten dinner too. Seems that she just took the children and went back without the usual having dinner at MIL's place. She reached the shop still crying. Annabelle noticed it and told me when she pushed the door. M is very soft-hearted. Many times she cried in the past because of hurtful words. Those from her sisters especially. I think that's why I don't really like to be involved with her family. I give up trying to defend them and rationalise their actions. It grieved me to see M getting hurt unnecessarily. Never pulak I heard about M's sisters got hurt by M's actions or words.

After a while, M calmed down, bathed the two girls and she herself took her bath at the shop's toilet. We talked and it seems that the best options is to look after the children ourself until the maid arrived. Will need to get permission from the other brothers and sisters to allow the maid to look after the children. Maybe we'll take care a portion of the maid's monthly salary. Hopefully they will agree to it. So for the time being, I'll look after the children in the morning and M will take half day in the afternoon for the rest of this week.

M had to go to Tesco to buy the food stuff for the children. Fed Barnabas milk and water. While sucking the water bottle he just fall asleep in my arms. So nice to see him falling asleep. He must be very tired. M didn't managed to buy the ingredients that she wanted because out of stock. Had to make do with other ingredients.

After M and the children went back, I received an sms from M's sister saying, "Nya is so sad now! keep on crying! she's so tired take care the three! if no them, she'll borring! i think u can take 1 mad to help her! then u can bring ur mad to clean ur house too! things can be settle! she's old! let her rest more!". Feels bad and sad for MIL but things will surely not be the same. If only MIL would talk nicely to M about the situation instead of letting out her frustration loudly... but things said can never be erased... it is said and people got hurt.

Lord... grant M and I the wisdom in this matter. May this matter brings the best attitude and character in M and I, that will glorify your name.

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