Friday, September 26, 2008

Added the 3rd streamyx line

After much consideration, I decided to add in another streamyx line for my internet cafe. Right now I am subscribing to a total of 3MB of streamyx broadband. I do hope that with the additional 1MB, there would not be any lagging or slow connection for my customers. I hate it when the streamyx line is down and I have to turn away my customers. It is a big loss for my business. This additional streamyx line costs me about RM1.3K. I had to fix another phone line which costs me RM350 including deposit. Then I had to buy 4 WAN Load Balancer from Fida System which costs me RM850 and 8 ports router which costs me RM66. Streamy Combo for Business package costs me RM150 a month. I pray that this investment will give me good returns in the short and long term.

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