Monday, September 29, 2008


Lord, I feel so distant from you. It seems that we have been disconnected many times for a few weeks now. And the many times when we were connected, it seems just for a little while. My spirit is drying and thirsting to be filled with you again. Quench my thirsts for you O Lord. I don't want to live my life without your touch, without your anointing, without your presence in my heart, mind and spirit. How can I be filled with Thee O Lord! To seek Thee and to enter into Your presence wherever I may be. May Your power, joy, peace and love radiates in me. Oh how true the Psalmist says, to be in your presence a day is much better than to be without you a thousand years.

You are the vine, I am the branches. Without you, I will die. Without you, I can do nothing. Flow your essence through me and let me grow and blossoms, and bear much fruit for You.

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