Thursday, September 18, 2008

Glad to be of service

Miss Tan works as the Operational Manager in one of the local banks and she has helped me a lot with my banking work. Out of a sudden she came to my shop and ordered a bottle of honey. Yes, I do sell honey way back then but I stopped selling it now. While she was in the shop, another customer of mine Jack came in. He wanted to photocopy some bank documents and I introduced them to each other. Soon they were talking about loans and credit cards. Miss Tan requested Jack to go over to the bank so that she can process Jack’s application for loan. Jack has been telling me of his intention to buy a house and is looking for bank loans. Upon preliminary assessment of Jack’s income, Miss Tan told him that she can work out something for him.

Well, I am happy for both of them. Glad to be of service to them. Oh ya, I was surprised when Jack told me that he does not have any credit card and he has been using his mother’s supplementary card all these years. It is of late that Jack decided to make proper his income statements. Without proper income statements, he cannot buy a house under his name or apply any bank loans.

credit cards

Anyone interested to get a bank loan or credit card. Call me. I will be happy to serve.

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