Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Totally exhausted

Yesterday was very tiring. I was totally exhausted by 11.30pm. Eyes pain and head dizzy. I can't wait to go home and sleep. Then wifey called and asked me to buy Nasi Lemak for her. She had her "mengidam" again. By 12.10mn, I told my customers that I'm closing the shop. Had to remind them again 5 minutes after that. By the time all of them left, it was already 12.30mn. I could not care less to count the money or mop the floor. I was too tired to do all that. I only want my sleep. Switched off all the computers and then off I go to look for the Nasi Lemak, on the way back. Unfortunately, the mamak/malay shop is closed. Reached home, brushed my teeth and off I slumped myself on the bed. Moments later.... I woke up...its already 8.30am.

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