Friday, September 19, 2008

Renewal and Inquiry

Went to MBMB to renew my business licence. It is due end of September and renewal for 3 months period. It costs me RM90 to renew my licence. For whatever reasons, MBMB only gives out temporary licence to internet cafes. Most probably they want to monitor the activities of the cybercafes in Melaka. I find it very troublesome to go to MBMB every 3 months to renew my licence. Waste of petrol and time for something that should be done once a year.

While at the counter I asked the clerk about the possibility of opening another branch at PK. She says there should not be any problems but I suspected that she does not know much about it. She consulted another colleague who seems to know more about the conditions of opening a cybercafe. She said I can inquire from the officer in charge but the officer would only be in the office after 12 noon. Knowing that nothing much I can do there, I went back to my shop to start my work....full day today. Will have to find time to drop by at the officer's office.

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