Friday, September 26, 2008

Prolink Load Balancer

Bought one Prolink Load Balancer from Fida Systems Sdn Bhd. It is 4 WAN ports load balancer. That means it can be connected to 4 internet lines.I have one unit of 2 WAN ports Load Balancer but because I wanted to add additional streamyx line, I had to buy this 4 WAN ports Load Balancer.

Okay, how do you configure the 4 WAN ports Load Balancer? It is quite simple. You need to understand how the Load Balancer works. You can do this by reading the manual which comes in softcopy format. If this is your first time using the Load Balancer, I would suggest that you read through the manual.

No, I would not list down how to install the Load Balancer. That would be too long. I just want to point out these two things.

- When the streamyx contractor come to install your streamyx line, tell him NOT to configure the ADSL modem to router mode. Just make sure you know the Streamyx Username and Password. If however, he has configured it to router mode, just reset it to factory default.
- It is better to configure the Load Balancer directly, meaning the LAN cable from the Load Balancer is connected directly to the PC instead of going through a hub.

The others are as mentioned in the manual. Make sure you read the manual thoroughly.

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