Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas and presents

Now that Christmas Day is over, many would give a sigh, some sigh of sadness because the beautiful wonderful celebration is over while some sigh of relief because life returns to normal. I have always wanted to have a quiet peaceful Christmas but it seems that that wish does not come true this year. This Christmas is busy with activities, from the morning Christmas service in church and then a dinner cum evangelistic service at night. In between, there is the opening of presents by the children. This year their mommy bought for them toys instead of books. I remembered that we bought a book for Annabelle for last year Christmas present. This Christmas she got a scooter board from her mommy.

I remembered my first book present from my sister long time ago. I read it again and again and I really treasured it. Then when I was a teenager, I love reading books like Secret Seven and Famous Five, and would dream of having my own investigative group to solve various riddles and mysteries. Those were the days when books captured the hearts and mind of the readers. Now, it still does but it just that I have no time to read books. Instead I prefer to go online and read whatever information I needed to find. It is time for my children to find the joy of expanding their mind through various story books. Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day everyone.

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