Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Competitive business

Everyone is talking about economic slowdown. Often there will be news of factories closing down their operation. Many companies are retrenching their workers. Some choose to reduce their operation days to minimal. At the end of the day many companies would have to do what they can to avoid loss. Even General Motors and Chrysler in US had to depend on government loan to sustain them from bankruptcy.

Cyber cafe business is no exception. When the public are hard on cash, they would think twice on spending on entertainments. This means that the money that they would spend in my shop would be used for other necessary needs resulting in less income for my business. Economic slowdown affects everybody.

I can see the other business along my shop. There are many signs that they are affected too. There are three beauty salons shops in the same row. And looking at the situation they are in now, I can say that beauty salon jobs are not easy. One of the hairstylist is doing quite well as he has a flair with girls and most of the factory girls would go to him to have their hair rebonded, perm or coloured. Because of his flair with his customers, the other beauty salon is left with less customers and might have to close down operation. Sad but that's the reality in business. It is very competitive.

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