Tuesday, December 09, 2008

What do I want for my birthday?

I didn't realize that my birthday is coming soon. Too soon I may say. Too fast as I didn't expect it to come flying by. My wife has already asked me as to what I want for my birthday gifts. As usual, I would have no idea as to what I want for my birthday. So my standard normal routine year by year answer would be, "Hmmm...don't know lah".

I guess to some wives out there, that kind of answer can be a relief as they would not need to spend much money buying gifts. But on the other hand some may find is irritating as they would have to crack their head and figure out what to buy as a gift. As long as I get a quiet day to relax and enjoy myself, I would be very happy indeed. No gift also never mind. Maybe just a meal together at KFC or Pizza Hut using the free voucher coupon that we received from Bonuslink would do just nice.

Even though I have told my wife many times for many years, she would still buy me something for my birthday gifts. Sometimes others give me presents that is of no practical use for me. Times like that I wished they would just give me any gift card instead. Then I would be able to buy the things that I really want to use like sports items. No wastage of money for both sides.

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