Friday, December 26, 2008

Ho ho ho... I got a present for Christmas

Yes, I got one this year. And it is a wonderful surprise too. Didn't expect to receive any as I know that wifey did not buy anything for me, nor do I bought any for her. Only for the children. But lo and behold, during the church Christmas evangelistic meeting at night, I was one of the blessed 30 persons who received a gift from the blessed draw. And I got a Hellboy II promotional gift bag. Suitable to be used when I go cycling.

And another good news is that Mother also got a gift, a 3 pcs handmade decorative vases. She was also asked by Pastor Lee Neo to pick out 5 names for the blessed draw. Brother Daniel's family was blessed with 3 gifts. So the Bong's family was blessed with 5 gifts out of the 30 gifts prepared by the church. My children was so excited to know that their daddy and granny received presents. And they are the ones who unwrapped the presents.

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