Monday, June 16, 2008

Cell Stem from you

If you were born 50 years ago, you would not even hear about cell stem. Maybe only the scientists would have thought about cell stem and the advances in technology. Now, the researches in cell stem have progressed tremendously. The benefits of cell stem research are many. Two major beneficiaries of cell stem research are the medical industry and the cosmetic industry. Among other diseases that can be treated using cell stems technology are Alzheimer's, Autism, Autoimmune diseases, Anemias, Blood and Liver Disease, Bone and cartilage deformities, Brain tumors, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Leukemias, Muscular dystrophy, Cancer, Stroke and many others.

If you know that you are in higher risks of contracting any of these diseases, it would be good if you do consider cell stem storage. You do not have to go through risky operations to have your cell stems harvested and stored. The good news for ladies is that it is even possible to harvest cell stem from women menstrual. You can read about it on All About C'elle. If you are interested to have your cell stems stored you can do so by clicking on Celle Order Now link on the website. The good thing is that you can even Become C'elle Distributor if you find that it has benefited you or if you are more of the business minded person.

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Dave Pearce said...

It is misleading to say muscular dystrophy can be treated with stem cells. It is possible but research is at clinical trial only and therefore is not a treatment that can be deemed safe or available from legitimate physicians.

Also the majority of stem cells used for muscular dystrophy research are ‘satellite cells’ that can perform any function. So there is little case for the need to store your own.