Friday, June 06, 2008

I want this and that

Human nature. Always want to have things. Always want to buy this and that. Natural tendency for us to want to own something, anything. Right now, what I want is a new computer. Yes, that's right. I want a new computer for the house. The present computer that I am using is the old version Pentium 3. Yes, I know.... it is outdated but hey, I'm being honest here. An internet cafe owner and yet I only have a Pentium 3 computer at my house. What a shame.

Okay, it is not as bad as you think it is. My wife has a laptop which she bought about half a year ago. So we are not so outdated as it seems. The problem is that I would be using the laptop to play my online game and she was "forced" to use the old computer. She is complaining and asked me to get a new computer. She wants to get a new laptop while I prefers a new desktop. Time to go check out Why

Everytime you want to buy something new which costs a lot, you normally would seek other people's opinion and advice. Well, that is what you can get with Read the guide and compare the products that you are looking for. Now, I only need my wife to give her consent to allow me to use her Paypal money to buy the computer. That however, would be a huge task to undergo.

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