Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Have I got it before?

My daughter Clarissa is down with Chicken Pox. The once so lively and mischievous Clarissa is now a bit mellowed down. She will be scratching her itchy spots on her body and with the fever, she is not that active as before. Sigh.... it is no joy to see my daughter in that condition. The doctor said that it is not so bad for children to have Chicken Pox compared with adults. She will still be able to be active even with the Chicken Pox. Well, at least that is good news.

But I am not sure whether I had contracted Chicken Pox. I can't remember having it before. Wah... if I haven't then maybe I would be contracting it now. Well, if I got it then I will have to go through it lah, whether painful or not is another matter. Better to get it now than when I am 60 years old.

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