Sunday, June 29, 2008

Studying nightmares

I had my nightmares again lately. No, it is not about ghosts or evil spirits stuffs. It is about being in school or campus again. Always, I would dream of being a student and I had to sit for an exam paper like History, or Law but I was not prepared at all. Wah... that was scary. The funny thing is that I never had the scary thoughts while I was in campus or in school. It is only when I am working that these thoughts, these nightmares started to happen. But thank God I woke up and realized that I am no longer in campus thus no need to go for any exams.

I wonder if things would be different if I had taken online college courses instead of studying four years in campus. Well, maybe it would but then I am not sure whether I would have graduated at all, knowing my lack of discipline in studying. Whatever it is, I have to make sure I complete my second degree by end of next year...hopefully.

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