Saturday, June 21, 2008

He is cute

My wife likes him very much. He looks so cute. I can agree to it. And she even went to see him once and then a few times after that. He is much younger than me, shorter and got baby face look. He has attractive looking smile. My wife went to see him to get her hair done. And also to give Barnabas a hair cut. He is the hairstylist operating two doors away from the cybercafe. I always see him walking past by my shop and dropping in to have short conversations.

Most of the time he will talk about his skills and business while I do the listening. He did mentioned that he has 7 years experience working in KL. However I did not recall him mentioning which hair schools that he attended before he embarked into hairstyling business. If you are in Malacca and looking for a good cute man to cut your hair, check out Mo Style Hairstylist at Taman Bachang Utama, outside of Giant Hypermarket. His name is Iven Chang.

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