Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Breast and God

I was quite impressed with the way my pastor shared about breastfeeding during one of her message. She was explaining about the name of God and in her explanation she mentioned about the “breast of God”. Well, the first thought that comes to most people when the word breast is mentioned is more on the sexual thoughts. However, the word breast when used for God has nothing to do with sexual thoughts. She explained it further.

Everyone has breast. Even the guys have breast. The only difference is that the women have bigger breast for the purpose of breastfeeding the baby. It is the mother’s milk that the baby received when suckling on her breast that nourishes the baby. It is different from Bottle feeding where the milk is not as nourishing as mother’s milk. It is this idea of the nourishing breast that we should relate to when we talk about the “breast of God”.

Nowadays, most mothers would prefer to give baby feeding bottle instead of breastfeeding their babies. As much as this is convenient for the mother, it would not the best for the baby. As the baby finds nourishment from the mother’s breast, we adults too can find nourishment from God.

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bokjae said...

Talking about breasts, remembered from Songs of Solomon where it says 'my breasts are like towers...'