Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sweet things and grow smaller

It is very interesting that children can remember lots of things that we adults said to them even though we said it in passing. Sometimes they tried to use what they know in various circumstances, most of it not appropriate and suitable at all. It does not matter as they are still learning.

As I drove to church, my two girls said something about sugar.

Belle, “Daddy, you cannot drink sweet things….not good”
Daddy, “Why not good?”
Belle, “If we drink sweet things we will grow small and smaller.”
Clarissa, “Ya, if Belle drinks sweet drinks, Belle will grow smaller”
???..Somebody must have told them not to drink sweet drinks or else they will grow smaller.

Not wanting to waste the opportunity to teach them more about sugar, I continued the conversation with them
Daddy, “Ya, that’s why you must not drink a lot of sweet drinks like Pepsi or squash drinks. If you drink lots of sweet drinks it is not good for you. You can have diabetes and then the doctor will cut your leg.”
Belle, “Why cut the leg?”
Daddy, “Because if you drink lots of sweet drinks you can fall sick and get diabetes. Then the doctor will cut the leg. No more leg.” Well, didn’t really answer her question but I guess it is sufficient for her as she no longer ask the same question. Haha.
Clarissa, “No more leg, …pain pain”

Daddy, “Ya…then you cannot walk if no leg.” My mind remembered the few people who had to have their feet cut because of diabetes and had to depend on medical equipment the rest of their lives.

Clarissa saw a girl walking beside the road and we then changed the subject of conversation.

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