Monday, January 07, 2008

Managing the business again

My permanent staff resigned without any formal notice. On 31st December, he was playing online game (while on duty) and sent me a chat. He said that he has found another job at a restaurant where he would be trained to prepare western food. He said that is his interest and that his father encouraged him to work there. I told him that if he can improve himself with the new job, I would have no problems with it.

I guess I am not angry at all as I have been preparing myself to start working at the shop again. I have been "away" for about 2 months from the shop and after much thinking, I know that I need to be there working at the shop again. I truly believes that it is God's divine plan that my staff resigned voluntarily.

Now that I am back working at the shop, I have to rectify the various problems that occurred in my absence. One of the tedious challenges is to ensure all the computers are usable and does not give problems to the customers. Viruses, trojans, spywares and malwares have made their home in almost all of the computers as I did not subscribe and install a complete security solutions like NOD32 on the computer systems. These viruses and trojans are really a nuisance. The customers are partly to be blamed for this problem as they loves to download various files that are infected by viruses and trojans.

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