Monday, January 14, 2008

Get a paying job

A few of my customers are working in the construction industry. Unfortunately, some of them were not paid regularly by their employer. Some was not paid for up to three months. Sometimes when I see them, I wonder how they had to "tighten their stomach" while waiting for their salary to be paid.

You can actually get a very good pay if you have ConstructionSkills as the demands for skill laborers are high. However, if you works for a non-paying employer like some of my customers, life could be difficult.

Maybe they should check out CSkills and look for other employers. Better still if they can further their skills by enrolling into any of the skill training institute or colleges. Then they would be able to ask for higher pay. Then they can come to my shop and use the computers there more often. Hmmm…I must recommend this to my customers.

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