Saturday, January 12, 2008

Handy Manny Daddy

Bought a DIY bookshelf to put all the children's books. Annabelle saw it and was very excited to open and assemble it. She asked her Mummy to open it for her but her Mommy and Daddy was at the table having lunch.

Belle, "Mummy, fasterlah open the box".
Mummy, "Waitlah, mummy's eating"
Mummy, "You open the box lah"
Belle, "But Mummy, I'm not the handy manny like on TV"
Mummy, "Then you ask handy manny Daddy to do lah"
Belle, "Yah...can ask handy manny daddy to open the box"

Mummy, "Who's the handy manny daddy?"
Belle, "Handy manny daddy is my Daddy lah". least she can think of me as her handy manny.

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