Saturday, January 12, 2008

Cheap Car Leasing

My wife has been asking me to bring the family for a holiday either to Cameron Highland or Genting Highland. 7 years ago, my car can afford to climb the slopes of Cameron Highland but now driving on the North South Highway it takes so much effort for the car and the air-cond will no longer be cold. Living in a warm climate, it is a dread driving without air-cond especially if you have 3 small children in the car.

Well if my wife keeps bugging me for the holiday then I will need to lease a car to bring her to higher ground. But then ah, leasing a new car here is so costly. I envy those living in UK. They can afford to cheap contract hire and car leasing of new cars. That is why you can see lots of them driving new car and even some changes their car very often because they have BuyYourCar. What this company does is, through its extensive database with hundreds of dealership and broker listings and will quickly obtain for you the best leasing deals to be found online. You will then be given several car leasing options to choose from and start driving them.

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