Monday, March 24, 2008

Fed up lah

My white car is giving problems again. Yes, again....and again...and again. Really fed up lah with this whole car problems. It seems there would be problems one after another with the two cars. It is quite irritating to spend countless time and efforts and not forgetting lots of money to correct the car problems. The last problem with the red car is the changing of the water tank. We thought that it is the radiator problem and is willing to consider buying Integra Radiator. However, it is the water tank that is leaking and we had to change the whole tank.

Now the white car could not start. Called my mechanic (who is always busy)and he told me to check the connnection which I did but to no avail. He promised that he would come to check the car. Hoping that he would fulfill his promise or else there would not be any Genting trip next week. Really getting fed up with the two old junks.

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