Monday, March 10, 2008


"What is kratom leaf?", I asked my wife who was beside me doing her blogging and chatting with her friends at the same time. It was to my surprise that she has an answer to my question and without delay she answered. "It is to enhance and prolong sexual intercourse."

Wah! I heard of "kesum leaf" which is found in my country and the name kratom sounds familiar which I immediately equate it as kesum. However, kesum leaf is used for cooking especially if you want to cook curry dishes. Upon further research, the local names for the kratom is "ketum". Usage of kratom leaf can be addictive and it is banned in many countries. Like any other drugs, if it is use positively for the right purpose, kratom do have medicinal benefits. Do your research thoroughly before you purchase products that consisted of kratom as its ingredients as it can get you on high.

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