Monday, March 10, 2008

Hospitality offer

When told that we will be going to Genting for a short holiday, my brother asked me to stay over in his house for a day before the actual Genting trip. Well, his house is nearer to Genting than any of my other brother's house. Furthermore, it is also an opportunity to bring my mother along to visit him. Told him that we have yet to decide on the itinerary and would confirm the details of the trip later. We have yet to ask mother whether she would like to follow along.

I am sure there would not be any hospitality offer if we want to go to other countries. We would have to make our own arrangement for hotels and places to visit. Should we want to visit the Big Apple, we can find New York Hotel Deal online. Accommodation is one of the most important arrangement for a holiday. A good place to stay would always make the trip memorable. As for now, I am very thankful for the hospitality offer from my brother.

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