Saturday, March 29, 2008

Internet Cafe T-Shirt

At last I have done my Tshirt Printing for Starhawk Internet Cafe. After a long time thinking of doing Tshirt Printing for our business, we finally decided and went ahead with the printing. The main reason for us to have our own Tshirt with the business logo on it is to provide a better image to the business. All this while, both me and my staff have gone to work wearing our own Tshirts. I tried to wear suitable Tshirts to work but most of my Tshirt have various logos which is not really suitable for the business. New customers are not able to recognise the staffs as we look as though we are also the shop's customers. Now with the Tshirt Printing done and we have our own business Tshirt, the mistaken identity reduced greatly.

Now, after seeing the business Tshirt, even my wife wants to do the same for the family. Hehehe....maybe that one will have to wait.

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