Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Voice of tomorrow

Yeahhhhhhh.... I did it, I did it, I signed up as a DAP member. After considering the various facts that happened in this country, my choice of political party is now DAP. I have been a strong supporter of the BN in the past but what happened in the past few years have changed my mind. UMNO has been too arrogant (or at least, some of the leaders in UMNO) and think that they can bulldozed their way in everything that want to do. Their leaders think that they are invincible and that the Malays will blindly support them. Maybe they think the Malays are a stupid bunch who will just obey and follow the UMNO leaders.

My deepest condolences to MCA and also MIC, the component parties in BN who are mere puppets for UMNO arrogant leaders. Looks like MCA and MIC have failed to uphold the interest of their respective supporters. So now, I pledge my support to DAP. Show me how you leaders exercise the powers entrusted to you and if you do well, you will continue to gain my support.

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