Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wedding cameras

The room looks clean after my maid cleaned it up. There are no longer layers of dust seen on the numerous things placed on top of the cupboard. There at one corner of the room lay my wedding photo. I wonder why the photo is placed there. It is supposed to be hung at the wall in the living hall, together with the wedding photos of my parents. My parents have only a few photos of their wedding ceremony. Maybe there are only two or three photos at the most of their wedding. I guess there are not many wedding cameras available during their time. Even if there are, it would be very expensive to own one. Unlike now, I have lots of my wedding photos nicely framed and kept for my remembrance when I am old. It is nice to have the photos to jog down the memory lane. Hmm...must put back the wedding photo on the wall now.

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