Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Make my day brighter

Most of my days are fixed by daily routines of going to work, come back and spend time with the family. At times it can be very monotonous especially if there is no tasks scheduled for the day. When I know that the day is "free" from any schedules, I would try to look at the sceneries around me. I will enjoy the beautiful paddy field and flowers along my way to the shop. This is one of the benefits of staying in a village. There are plenty of greeneries that I can still enjoy everyday.

Just looking at the flowers can help enlighten the spirit and bring me near to my Maker and the flowers creator. If my mind are full of tasks to be done, the beautiful sceneries will just passed by unnoticed. Sometimes emails with beautiful pictures of flowers and nature like below can make my day brighter. Thank you all who know the beauty of God's creation and willing to email the pictures to me.

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