Friday, March 07, 2008

Greener Pasture

One customer came to the shop and asked for help regarding his online game ID. He forgotten about this ID and asked me to check it out for him, which I did. Then to my surprise he started talking about his work. He told me that he is going to Bahrain to work as a chefs in one of the five stars hotel. That is also another surprise to me to know that he is the Sous-Chefs. It reminds me of the movie Ratatouille.

Anyway, as we talked he mentioned that it is better to work overseas compared to Malaysia. The pay is one factor to consider but another important factor is the way people treats you. Your success depends on how hard you work. Opportunities are given to everyone and there is not much favoritism based on colors. He told me that it is easier to get Unsecured Business Loans in other countries like UK and America. He said that it is not easy to apply for Unsecured Business Loans for the sum of $10000 - $250000, to which I can readily concur with him. Even for my own business, I cannot get any Unsecured Business Loans from the bank but had to depend on family members for the business capital. Looks like the pasture are greener in other countries. Hmm… should I work in other countries… maybe I should try.

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