Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Will she do it?

Made a call to wifey asking her to come to the shop after her work. Need her to look after the shop while I go and look for a printhead for my printer. As always, she will use any calls as an opportunity to update me on whatever that happened to her. Today, she said that her boss bought a gold bar. The gold bar was bought from wifey colleague's brother. Now the gold price has increased and it is predicted that the price will keep on increasing. Wifey's boss bought a kilogram of gold bar at a slightly lower than the market price.

Told my wife to consider doing the same. Well, not a kilogram as we would definitely cannot afford it but maybe in a smaller weight. Told her that it is much better to invest in gold rather than in bank saving accounts while yields so little interest. Hopefully wifey would agree to do so. Will she do it?

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