Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wedding invitation

My mother told me that one of my relative came and asked for my full name. His son is getting married and he is collecting all the village's people's name so that he call invite them to his son's wedding dinner. That is how it is being done here in this village. It is all part of the Wedding Planning that the older folks have to do when their children are getting married. Well, of course not each and every village folks will be invited but those that has relations with the parents of the bride or bridegroom. And in a village where I stay, that could number up to a few hundreds.

That number does not include the friends and neighbours of the parents and the bride or bridegroom. If and if one is generous enough and do have the energy and money to call everybody in the wedding list, it would indeed be a BIG wedding dinner. Lately, the new generations are not following this traditions. They prefer to have a very much smaller scale of the wedding ceremony cum dinner.

As for now, I have still to receive the wedding invitation card. I was told that the wedding dinner would be somewhere in May this year. Still a long time for me.

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