Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fight for your right

At the university graduation ceremony, the medical students received their scroll. As the names of the students are called to receive their scrolls, suddenly one voice from the back, a student from the law faculty shouted, "See you in court!". Hehehehe...... lawyers and doctors seems always at loggerhead.

As not all doctors are an expert in every medical cases, there tends to be miscalculated diagnosis of their patients. If you have been prescribed with Trasylol and have suffered the side effect of the drug, then you should engage Trasylol claim attorneys and claim for the damages. Never, never let negligence of others destroy your future. Let them pay for it or at least make sure that you are not the total victim. To all the doctors, please ensure that you know what you are prescribing to your patients. Their future are in your hand.

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