Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm getting fat lah

My wife told me that she is getting fat. I nodded. Of course she will get fat. I have not seen her do any exercises for a long time. I think the last time she did her aerobic dance with Paula Abdul is before she conceived Barnabas, which is about 3 years ago. Hmm... how not to grow fat if there is no exercises done for so long.

As for me, I am growing fatter now. Same reason as my wife, lack of exercises. Although I do have my once a week soccer game it is still insufficient to maintain a healthy body. A few days ago while went shopping I saw a punching bag for sale. It is sold at a cheap price so I quickly bought it. At least I do have one fitness equipment at home where I can use to train my body. Hopefully with the punching bag I will be more motivated to keep a healthy body. I planned to buy more fitness equipments as my free time to go for cardiovascular exercises are quite limited. At the same time, regular fasting every week would do wonders too for my body besides the spiritual benefits. Must keep the fat at bay.

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