Friday, May 16, 2008

Be like Sherlock Holmes

As I expected it to be, the game The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes provides the player with the classic investigation methods. The player is given opportunities to solve various cases from the missing jewelry to murder. I decided to try out (or in this matter to solve) as many cases possible within a 60 minutes period. Well, that attitude to finish as many cases possible does not help me to think carefully about the possible suspects in each case. In all three cases, I have chosen the wrong suspects. However, thanks to Sherlock Holmes, the cases are solved and the suspects are caught. I should have used my mind and consider all the possibilities and clues given in the game.

In all the three cases that I managed to play, the player is given the opportunity to spot differences in two similar pictures. Of course with Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass, the task is made easier. The differences are not easy to spot but that should not be a worry to the player. Each player is given a limited number of hints to find the differences. Try not to use up these hints unless you really cannot find it.

The players too are taken to task to remember various items to be identified with various suspects. It is to test your memory. I kind of enjoy this part of the game. Among other things that the players have to do is to solve various puzzles.

Well, this game is definitely not for small children. It requires a certain level of understanding and lots of thinking if one wants to guess the correct suspects. For those who want to exercise your mind, I would surely recommend this game. As for me, I will make sure I guess the correct suspect in the next case to solve.

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