Saturday, May 17, 2008

Get another engine

When your car has turned 20 years old like my old junk, you can have 3 options in front of you. Firstly, you can get a totally new car which will cause you a big dent in your pocket. Of course your monthly installment payment must also be taken into consideration. Secondly you can continue using the car and repair it whenever and wherever it broke down. There is the hassle of you being in nowhere when your car starts broke down. And you will never know when and where the trouble will appear. Thirdly, you can check out midwest auto recycling and get a used engine and fix it into your old junk. It is much cheaper than to get a new car and you can still enjoy driving your old junk. I did it for my old junk and am still satisfied with the used engine’s performance. No complaints from me.

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