Sunday, May 18, 2008

Let it benefit the people

The Star wrote an article about the Malaysian Government and TM investing about RM15.2B to expand the broadband services in this country. I gladly welcome this move by the Government and sincerely hope that such project would not be delayed. While countries like Korea provide broadband service that is up to 1000MB to consumers, Malaysia generally provide from 1MB to 4MB to its consumers. Such vast differences and yet we boast of our Multimedia Super Corridor. What is the purpose of having such Super Corridor when the people does not benefit from it. Being an internet café operator, I would love to provide VoIP phone systems services to my customers but with only 2MB bandwith, I really have to think many times. I prefer not to provide any services if the services offered will not be to what the customers expected it to be. So for now, I will just wait until the broadband service here is upgraded to a higher bandwidth.

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